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The Best Places to Eat for People New to Eastbourne

Food is a regular topic for discussion in Cohub and everyone has their favourites. So here is a list to help newcomers get started. Let us know if you think we’ve missed off a great place to eat and let us know your thoughts on your favourite Eastbourne eatery.

Obviously times have changed and it is well worth double checking the recommended eateries to make sure they are still serving in the usual way.

Lunch or Dinner

Company Eastbourne

A really great addition to the town. A very classy and beautiful looking eatery serving interesting seasonal dishes always with a little twist. This is highly recommended, especially if you like great coffee, great cocktails and exceptional food.

Yummy Noodle Bar

Not only is this the closest restaurant to Cohub, it is great for a quick lunch so popular for those short on time. The kitchen is open so you can see it all happening. You can eat at a table, at the bar or takeaway. The two favourite dishes of many Cohubbers are the Pad Thai and the Singapore Noodles.


A super burger joint in the centre of town with plenty of cans of craft beer to choose from. 7Bone is the place to go if you want a proper dirty burger with fries and/or a choice of tasty sides. The Ronalds Revenge is the one for me, a gourmet, supercharged Big Mac.


A husband and wife business which is just quality from the look of the restaurant inside and out, through to the service, the food and the drinks. The menu is small but regularly changes, which is always a good sign that the food will be cooked consistently well.

Gr/eat Greek Deli & Cuisine

A really well regarded Greek restaurant just off of the seafront at the top end of Terminus Road. They clearly take pride in the quality of the food served and everything tastes very fresh. This is another Eastbourne restaurant I’ve not heard a bad thing said about.

Little Elephant

For me personally this is the best Thai restaurant in town. Their menu is really interesting with lots of dishes that appeal to me as they’re more adventurous, rather than just offering the expected dishes. Recommended dishes are the Papaya Salad, Chicken Wing Zapp, Panang Curry, Jungle Curry and the Yentafo Noodles…Maybe not all at once though 😉


I’ve heard a lot about this Thai restaurant but have yet to go myself. It makes the list though as so many friends have all reported back with rave reviews. The menu looks very interesting with lots of Thai soups, noodles and curries.

Thai Brasserie

Another choice for lovers of Thai food is Thai Brasserie, just a stones throw from Cohub it is a favourite for those looking for a fancier lunch or a nice dinner. The sweetcorn cakes and the salt and pepper squid are highly recommended.


A casual Turkish restaurant towards the seaside road part of town. In all honesty I have never ordered anything other than the kebabs from Meze. They are well presented and give you that gourmet style version of the more well known fast food version. I regularly recommend Meze for people looking for something a bit different and friends have always praised the recommendation.

Anema e Core

Not heard a bad thing about this great value Italian restaurant. It seemed to just storm to the top of TripAdvisor quickly after opening. The Focaccias are definitely worth a try and for me they serve the best thin, authentic Pizzas in town, but only just because Mamma Mi is right up there as well.

Bok Shop

Starting in Brighton and now opening in the Beacon shopping centre in Eastbourne, this new addition is fantastic for decent crispy chicken and amazing vegan options that are so good even meat eaters choose them over chicken. On top of the food they have great craft beers on offer and have a Street Fighter arcade machine to get that nostalgia kick! Ideal for casual dinners and lunches, plus it’s right next to the cinema.


Bistrot Pierre

Probably the best views of any restaurant in the area, Bistrot Pierre is ideal for couples, friends or groups. Yes it’s a chain, but it’s a good one and as long as you set your expectations that it’s a place set up to please everyone, then I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. I recommend taking advantage of the cocktail and set menu offers for dinners eating earlier in the evening, you’ll also get to enjoy the view before it gets too dark.

Spice Garden

Everyone in Eastbourne will have their own idea of which Indian restaurant is the best and it changes surprisingly often. On a recent visit I was really surprised at how good the whole meal was, so giving this a shout out, however Tuk Tuk and Ashoka are well respected as well.

Tuk Tuk

This Indian restaurant located towards the seafront area of town is great for those wanting that street food, small plate style of menu. Tuk Tuk also serve Thalis which are very popular.


A Well priced Italian restaurant located in a nice street in Eastbourne close to the theatres and seafront. The window seat is a great place to people watch through the curved glass.

Pomodoro e Mozzarella

Probably Eastbourne’s most popular Italian restaurant and one that the local hotels seem to recommend often. The menu rarely changes but it is done very well. I recommend the deep fried zucchini starter. My only issue is the service can be hit and miss from my experience.

Two Bulls Steakhouse

A warm and cosy pub style steakhouse in Eastbourne’s Old Town, the food and service has always been great and from what I remember it is good value for money for a steak dinner. They often do great set menus if you’re looking for a good deal.

Lunch (eat in)

Urban Ground

One of Eastbourne’s best coffee shops and eateries. Urban Ground has two places in central town. Great coffee and fantastic light bites and pastries, they are all good but I like the one on South Street, it’s a bit newer and a bit bigger, so nicer to work in.

Green Almond

A fantastic little vegetarian restaurant. Booking is advised as the restaurant is small. The food is great and they specialise in providing a small menu that changes very regularly.


Probably Cohub’s most popular lunch spot and coffee house because its close, has great coffee, great food and you can work from here very easily. The menu is very impressive and they clearly take a lot of pride in aiming to be the best place for good quality, modern food and coffee. The smashed avocado on sourdough is very popular.


Beanzz have a small menu but their sandwiches and paninis are done very well and for me they serve the best coffee in town, bold statement I know and followed super closely by Nelsons and Urban Ground.


With Bills you know what you’re going to get, it isn’t cheap but it is consistently good food with great service. The bloody Mary goes down will with breakfast after a late night.

The Beach Deck

Mixed reviews regarding service for this beachfront restaurant with amazing panoramic views. I myself have never had an issue. The service has always been good and the food is great. Go to items are the Avocado on sourdough with chilli salsa and optional bacon or the smoked haddock chowder.


A fantastic little Thai street food style place. Reasonable prices, all cooked fresh and a central location. A favourite with a couple of Cohub members.

Lunch (Take Away)


Owners of award winning Bexhill Farm Kitchen opened this small lunch spot with a really friendly team making it very welcoming. The value for money is crazy, for less than £4 you can get yourself a doorstop sandwich and a naughty treat. They have the best bread around with award winning sourdough and white tin. The almond croissants are hard to resist! Poppyseed is also a short walk from the Cohub office.

Mamma Mi

I need to revisit this Italian lunch spot as I haven’t been for a while. The people here are friendly and happy all the time, plus its walkable from Cohub. They serve great pizza that is often described as the best in town and their cold or warm buffet is amazing.



For me Roots is the best full English breakfast in town (highly debatable as everyone has their favourite). I pass Roots on the way into the office and a few of the Cohub members regularly do a breakfast meet up. Roots also sell eggs, veg and some handmade items.

Beach Kitchen

I haven’t been but this cafe is apparently packed almost as soon as it opens. If you’re looking for a proper classic full English breakfast with a good cup of tea this is the one!

Beatty Cafe

Much the same as Beach Kitchen, Beatty Cafe has loads of fans who are only too ready to support the cafe and talk highly of the breakfast. Give it a go and let us know what you think?

Very Kid Friendly

Love All Cafe

Based in Gildredge Park just outside town, this friendly cafe is all about keeping the kids happy so the parents can enjoy lunch. They have a sectioned off area with donated toys and has tennis courts with lots of classes for all ages.

Art House Cafe

Beyond just the kids Art House has great food, big portions and always fresh. The staff are friendly and then for the kids you’ve got pottery painting and other activities to keep them happy.

Special Occassion

Cru Eastbourne

A charming little wine bar located in central Eastbourne. A great place to go for lunch or dinner. A fantastic list of wines, light bites and bigger meals.

La Locanda Del Duca

Eastbourne has a fair few Italian restaurants, some better than others. La Locanda is located next to Pomodoro and is the posher of the two. Service is a lot slicker in La Locanda and the menu items will be more high end.


A bit stuffy and in need of a little modernising, but this more formal restaurant is good for those wanting seasonal, high-end food. Located in Eastbourne’s poshest hotel The Grand Hotel, the menus regularly change so it’s worth researching on their website before visiting.


Dew Drop

Another local haunt for after work drinks and burgers. They serve Brewdog and Goose Island on tap which is pricey but nicer than most lagers.

The Pilot Inn

Slightly out of town but a great pub serving traditional food with big portions. Friendly local feel and a courtyard garden.

The Crown & Anchor

Located in the Seaside Road area of town this pub looks great compared to what it used to look like. The current owners have painted it, have lots of flowers and baskets outside and it’s a great pub for live music, sports and playing a game of pool.

The Dolphin

A popular spot for Cohubbers looking for an after work drink or a social. Good local ale, craft beers, nice food and a nice vibe after work on a Friday.

The Lamb

The oldest pub in the area, a must visit Old Town pub. Good food, good beers, always popular and usually busy. Be sure to flick the light of the deep well on the way to the toilet.

Country Pubs

We’re spoiled for country pubs in East Sussex, here are just some picks to get you started.

The Ram Inn, Firle

One of the best of the bunch. Beautiful setting, great food and drink selection.

The Tiger Inn

Superb on a sunny day sitting outside on the lawn or at tables. Food and drink choices are great and you can even get the bus over beachy head or walk if you want to enjoy a few drinks.

The Sussex Ox

I’ve only been here a couple of times but the food both times was really really good. Nice country setting and good drink selection.

Lamb, Wartling

I’m very fond of this odd little pub. It’s owned and run by an antiques professional and his sons. The food, drink and decor is on point plus they have a record player in the corner and a great little sun trap at the back in the courtyard.

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