The People

The people make Cohub what it is, check out some of our members.

Tim Church

Love living on the Sunshine Coast

I mainly work with clinical data using SAS software, focusing on standardisation and analysis. I have been working in this field for over 20 years based at various locations in the UK and Switzerland.

I have also been providing occasional website design and social media advice for local businesses for the last 10 years

Recently I have started applying concepts of quality and consistency to websites and other written media to provide a copy editing service and user experience review.

I had been working from my home office for some years and was beginning to feel increasingly isolated beyond the virtual teams I was working with. Cohub provided the opportunity to be part of a buzzing, friendly office environment again with real people around me. It also gave me a much needed work routine but at the same time retaining my independence.

Getting to know local people and businesses has also opened the possibility of new directions my work can take me.

Social networking introduced me to Tweetups in my local area, where I met and joined local action group Eastbourne Can. Through this group I got to know Stuart and Laura at a time when they were first planning a coworking space and signed up to the idea at once.