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Stevi Page

Freelance E-learning designer, scriptwriter and builder.

I am a freelance instructional designer and have worked on projects for some of the biggest companies and institutions in the world. My role is to design, write and build e-learning, either as a stand alone module or as part of a blended learning experience. I also create system simulations to support training.

I work with graphic designers, animators and developers to produce both bespoke and ?off the shelf? e-learning. I don?t have a niche subject, give me the info, someone to discuss it with and I?m off. I?ve written about accountancy, insurance, health and safety, customer services, mental health, clinical coding? the list could go on forever.

My background is medical science, teaching and workforce development with a bit of comms, content writing and marketing thrown in along the way! I realised a while back that every job I?ve ever had involves taking a mass of information, sorting it out and communicating it to an audience in some way.