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A year of coworking

May 17th last year saw Cohub’s first #EBjelly as The Printers Bar and Brasserie.

When planning it, Laura and I were incredibly nervous that we’d be the only ones there with quite a lot of food to eat between us!

Fortunately our fears were unfounded and the registrations rolled in from freelancers and independents from in and around Eastbourne and we ended up with an incredibly fun and productive day as over 20 people worked alongside each other at Eastbourne’s first coworking jelly.

Cake at Eastbourne's first coworking event - #EBjelly

Our second jelly a few weeks later was equally well received and, after returning from holidays, Laura and I signed a licence on what is now our current space on the first floor of The Enterprise Centre by Eastbourne Railway Station where we opened on July 25th 2012.

Enjoying Eastbourne's first coworking space, next door to Eastbourne Railway Station

Since then our membership has slowly grown to the 30 members we have today. We’ve grown pretty fond of our current space, with its quirkiness and nearby eateries, but we need more room and are delighted to see work moving along on our next home across the station car park in The Old Printworks where we will be moving to this summer.

That space is roughly twice the size.

Work in progress - the new Cohub before much work happened!

But, maybe more than we realised when we came across the idea of coworking, the physical space is secondary to what coworking is really about.

Sure enough, we’re excited about doubling our square footage and we’re immensely grateful to the people who have made Cohub a success so far. We’re really looking forward to lighting up the BBQ on our massive balcony and playing with more tech in our new meeting rooms.

But it is the people and ideas within the space that make coworking something more than just a shared workspace. We don’t vet members or pick and choose who we want to join, so it could have been a different story. But it seems that we are attracting some truly great people to Cohub. And it seems the more great people we attract and the more people hear about the types of people we have here, the more others want to be part of it!

Sharing ideas and collaborating on projects - a daily occurrence at Eastbourne's coworking space, Cohub

Our favourite part of building Cohub so far has been seeing people who wouldn’t have otherwise met had they not been for Cohub, but have common personalities and ideas and – most importantly – enjoy sharing them.

And, as our membership continues to grow, that’s what we’re really excited about – having even more great people under one roof sharing ideas, helping each other out, developing concepts and building new stuff.

The next 12-months are going to be epic!

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